Regular Colors Set of 36 1/8" Crystal Stud Earrings, 18 Pairs, on Nylon (Plastic) Posts in Multi
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A beautiful assortment of crystal stud earrings, on clear, hypoallergenic nylon posts. Crystals are approximately 1/8" in diameter each. Set includes 36 (or more) silicone earring backs.

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Customer Reviews


These earrings are so cute!!!they Are just the right size and very girly.

by shanl90 (owns this product)

This item really made me mad. The earrings are so little. They look like thet are for dolls and the post on them are plastic. Not a great buy

by PandaVampire (owns this product)

These earrings are very small! The box is 7.5 Inches. The Eearrings is 2 millimeters. There's plastic on the back of the earrings. My ear can not tolerate plastic.