Wholesale Customer Terms of Sale

All Wholesale Orders

There are no returns or refunds, except in the case of items damaged during shipment. If items are damaged in shipment, we will replace them only if we are notified within 7 days of when the shipment is received by you. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may require you to fill out some documentation for making an insurance claim prior to replacing the damaged merchandise. We may also require that the items be returned to us prior to replacment.

Wholesale orders are typically shipped within 1-3 business days. Wholesale orders are given priority in our warehouse, and we attempt to fill all wholesale orders within 1 business day of when we receive the order.

If we have a temporary shortage, that we can resolve within 5 business days, we will hold your order until the shortage is resolved. If we have a shortage that will take longer to resolve, we will ship your order in multiple shipments.

We do not guarantee the timeliness of any order.

All orders are subject to merchandise availability. We make diligent efforts to remove items from our website as inventory is depleted, but sometimes we are oversold on certain items. We will not charge you for any such items. Documentation of any such oversold items will be enclosed with the part of your order we are able to ship. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We assume no liability for any costs associated with your choice to use a freight forwarder.

International Orders

International orders are fulfilled within 5 business days of when they were received. Due to limitations of our carrier, we have to batch Internatiional shipments together.

If your order does not arrive in a timely fashion, we must wait for 2 months after we send your shipment before we can declare your package missing. Most of the time, packages to Europe arrive in less than 3 weeks. We receive many packages back from Europe that say "Unclaimed", so if your order is overdue, please check with your mail carrier or post office, they might have it.

For lost orders, we will need to send you a letter that you can fill out, sign and either fax or mail to us, where you declare that you never received the merchandise. This is required for us to file a claim with our insurance company, to enable us to replace your order.

Your country may impose import duties and/or taxes (including VAT) on the items you order. The customer is responsible for paying any import duties or taxes imposed by the receiving country.

There is no tracking for International Orders so we have no way to inform you of the progress of your order.

We assume no liability for any costs associated with your choice to use a freight forwarder.

Return Policy

ALL SALES FINAL. We do not guarantee merchantability or fitness for any purpose. We do not accept returns on items sold at wholesale for any reason. If we are contacted within 48 business hours of the time you receive your order, we will exchange damaged items for undamaged units of the same item, or at our sole option, issue a store credit or a refund for such items. Photographic evidence of damage must be provided. You may contact us via email: customerservice@girlprops.com or phone: (201) 332-1770.

We assume no liability for any costs associated with your choice to use a freight forwarder.


Credit or Debit Cards

We will make an authorization transaction in the amount of $1 each time you try to submit your credit or debit card number. This is necessary to verify your address and the card security code. We will not collect these $1 transactions, and your bank should drop them automatically within 7 days. After successfully verifying your address and security code, we will then authorize the full amount of your order on your card. We will collect the full amount due from your card once we ship your order.

Debit Cards

Your bank may choose to deduct any authorized amounts from your card as soon as the authorization is made. In such cases, your bank has those funds. We do not collect any funds until we ship your order.